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Thai Ha Plc was established by Tangpiroonthum family with registered capital of 48 million baht. Our aim is to be the leading distribution company of Thailand. With more than 10 years experience, we decided to establish “Cheer Trading Company Limited”, which was established on 19th July 2004.

“Cheer Trading Company” main focused on the particular challenges in distribution. Our goal is to be the leading distributor of Thailand.We distribute consumer products and serve many kinds of consumers such as Discount Stores, Super Markets, Traditional Trade, Local Agent distribution in Bangkok and other provinces as well as Catering (hotels, restaurants and industry).

The company distributes many leading food products such as rice and packed cereal. Processed agricultural products are distributed under our own brand names:
-Bean Thread Vermicelli (Glass Noodles) and Vinegar under the -brand names of “Kaset” and “Smart Chef”.
-Soy Bean Oil under the brand name of “A-Ngun”
-Palm Oil under the brand name of “Cheer”

Moreover, our company offers an assortment of products from other sources such as refined sugar and coconut milk. We will continuously improve our assortment in order to fulfill our customer requirements. In regard to catering we are able to furnish customized products.


The head office of our company is located at: 305 Ratchadapesek (Thapra-Taksin) Road, Bukkhalow, Thonburi, Bangkok.We operate two warehouses and distribution centers. “Cheer Trading Company” has chosen the locations of these two operations carefully in order to assure swift and convenient distribution management in Bangkok and adjoining provinces.
Our distribution operation is based on an up to date IT system which assures efficient and quick response to our customers needs. “Cheer Trading Company” has developed its business to be systematic and global, based on ISO 9001:2000 certified ways of working.

We will continuously improve the effectiveness and quality of our sale and distribution system. “Cheer Trading Company” will deliver the ordered products in excellent quality and on time. Therefore our customers can rely in their provisioning planning on our delivery commitment.This is the commitment of all “Cheer Trading Company” employees! Together we will bring our company to be the leading distributor of Thailand.

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