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Thai Ha Public Company Limited was established on 26 March 1993 with a registered capital 1 million THB, which had got more than 50 years of experiences in rice commerce.

In 2000, the company increased the registered capital to 100 million THB in order to build a rice factory with warehouse in Sampran, Nakornpathom. With this investment the company could respond to the rapid growth of rice sales by increasing the production capacity by 300% from 40,000 tons to 120,000 tons yearly.

In 2003, the company increased the registered capital to 115 million THB to expand the production capacity of the rice factory at Sampran, Nakornpathom and more investment in Bean Thread Vermicelli factory at Takfhar, Nakornsawan to install a modern Bean Thread Vermicelli (Glass Noodles) production line for the brand “Smart Chef”. Bean Thread Vermicelli (Glass Noodles) production capacity rose by 200% from 800 tons to 2,400 tons per year.

In 2004, the limited company was changed into Public Company Limited and registered capital increased to 198 million THB by issuing 50 million new shares of common stock with a par value of 1 THB. 45 million shares have been sold to the public and 5 million shares went to committees and employees of the company.

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